A little piece of Morocco

Marrakesh: 2nd & Battery, Seattle.

8:15 reservations for 11 people, 2 birthdays
8:30 belly dancers
8:30 11 Royale Feast Dinners….

This restaurant was fantastic. The moment we stepped in the door we no longer expected anything familiar. It was such a great chance to try something a little different. The tables were low with cushions or a couch along the wall. Our hands were all washed above the table with water pooling onto our dinner surface. We received a course of soup and salad, all to be eaten by sipping from bowls or with your hands. We then got the main course of our dinner all family style, again to be eaten with your hands, with dishes ranging from Lamb with Eggplant to Chicken Honey & Prunes. Each dish was succulent & exciting. Our dinner was finished up with an apple dessert and Mint tea.

The atmosphere is great for group dinners. The service is friendly. We look forward to visiting soon.


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