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Top Ten {Winter Comforts} Tuesday

It’s still winter everyone! I know it’s the first day of March and spring is just around the corner, but it’s still the bitter cold winter. And because I don’t want this season to pass without due gratitude, I’ve compiled a list of my top ten Winter comforts.

Hot Tea – We love chai over here, but without dairy my chai just seems a little lackluster. So I’ve been mixing it up with Dragon Pearl Jasmine and Moroccan Mint. With two babies in the house, a little caffeine is necessary. It doesn’t hurt that it smells so good and warms the body at the same time.

Books – I love children’s books. The beautiful art; the poetry; the cheerful images. Every day is a good day to read with your kids, but during the winter it just seems a little more special; a little cozier.

Snuggles – Ah yes. Family snuggles. Miles likes to climb in our bathrobes and snuggle up. It’s pretty dang cute. A cup of tea, a good book and family snuggles… who’s going to complain about that?

Playdates – When the weather sucks and you’ve been stuck inside for a while, one of the greatest things is a playdate. The kids get to run around; the adults get to chat {with other adults!}. Playdates are even better when they include yummy food and hot tea.

Savory snacks – Braised short ribs, curry dishes, roasts, slow cooked meals. All the things that warm your house and make it smell so good all day long.

A clean house – If you’re going to spend a bunch of time inside… you’ve got to have a clean crib. Not always the simplest task when you have kids running around, but when they start to help it gets to be a lot more fun. Miles has recently taken to picking things up for us. The only problem is that he doesn’t exactly know what trash is and what it isn’t. So far we’ve found his underwear and an envelope with change in the garbage can. We better watch out for that guy.

Sewing and knitting projects – Things that keep you busy while keeping you warm and productive. I’m seaming a blanket right now and I love having it over my lap in the evening. I think about whom it will belong to when it’s completed and all who helped contribute to it and the love they sent along. And while this project would be just as meaningful in the middle of summer, it’s helping me {the “seamer”} stay warm through the few days it resides on my lap this winter.

Dinner dates with friends – Those meals you cooked all day long… share them with friends. Share the love and warmth with people you care about. I promise it will improve your cold winter days.

Evening television and movies – Of all the seasons to have decent TV and new movies, I’m grateful they make a good push in the winter. Snuggles and tea and a good movie… good times.

Dreaming of spring – This is hope. I like spending a little time each day thinking of what we will do when the temperature rises. Where we will hike, what we will grow, and what great treasures we’ll find. So while I think it’s important to enjoy the season you’re in, there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful for the next.


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Top Ten {Baby Items} Tuesday

We’ve compiled a list of our top ten baby items to share with you.

* Beco Baby Carriers (Butterfly 2 & Gemini)
I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pictures of us wearing our babies in these carriers.  They have been the single most important investment in our baby days thus far.  Streamlined, convenient, comfortable, stylish, hands-free baby carrying.  And consider where your babies want to be…. with you, cuddling, bonding.  Baby carrying is so important and the Beco makes it easy and safe.

* Aden + Anais swaddling wraps
I have a feeling you’ve seen plenty of pictures of our babies wrapped up in these as well.  These may seem a bit on the spendy side, but I tell ya… they’re worth it.  They’re the best swaddling blankets I have come across and when the swaddling days are over you will continue to use them day in and day out.  They also happen to be great nursing covers, burp cloths, sun-protectors, etc.  My favorites are the organic and cozy blankets (but they all rock).

* See Kai Run shoes
Seriously cute shoes for healthy feet made by a local company.  I don’t have much else to say… they’re just awesome.

* Wet Happened? Wet Bags
Wet bags are generally made for cloth diapers.  A place to keep the soiled diapers when you’re on the go.  And while they work great for that purpose, they are incredibly useful otherwise.  We have used ours for swimwear, snacks, diapers and as a small diaper bag.  They’re machine washable and the prints are great.  You can find this kind of bag made elsewhere, but we have had the best luck with the Wet Happened? bags.

* Temporal Artery Thermometer
Because who is interested in placing a thermometer in their toddlers bum?  And who’s toddler actually stays put long enough to get a reading?  Not mine.  I first saw one of these when my Midwife came over for Elle’s delivery.  It was her cool new gadget.  And then the G-parents hooked us up with one.  It has already come in handy and I think we’re all happy we won’t need the rectal thermometer anymore :)

* Handknits
Of course I’m biased here, but I don’t think it gets much better than lovingly made blankets, sweaters and booties for a new little person.  So soft, so warm, so much love wrapped up in each stitch.  Every little babe is deserving of such things.

* High Chair Thingy
Yep, that’s what it’s called… High Chair Thingy.  It’s neoprene, it keeps the high chair germs away from your little one and it rolls up.  Forget those huge high chair covers unless you like carrying ridiculously sized things around for your baby.  This slick little roll up does the trick.

* Eric Carle books
We’ve all read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and probably a handful of other Eric Carle books.  They don’t cease to be a kid favorite.  With their colorful paintings and simple, repetitive words, they’re go-to’s on the kids’ bookshelf.  Additionally, Eric Carle is popular enough to have plush characters, fabric, and prints for your child’s room.  “Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?” is always a favorite around here.

* Tea Collection clothing
Stylish, quality, comfortable clothing for kids.  We can’t get enough.  The colors and prints aren’t your expected colors for babies.  It’s nice having variety in the closet.  What’s best is these clothes withstand the play of young children.  They are sure to be the best hand-me-downs you can get.

* Sesame Street
Last, but certainly not least, the beloved Sesame Street.  Need I say more?  Who doesn’t like Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster?

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