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Third Thursday of October 2006

Who doesn’t like a good love story?
This is the story of how Chris and Laura met {from Laura’s perspective}.
& Thanks to Candace for the encouragement to share our story.

It was April of 2006; my best friend and I recently turned 21 and were enjoying our new found freedom. We went out for a couple drinks and some dancing at J&M in Pioneer Square. We met more than a handful of people, but one of the people we met happened to be the person I would spend the rest of my life with. I’m pretty sure he and I exchanged no more than each other’s names that night, but that was not indicative of what was to come.

Within a couple of days, we met again at a mutual friend’s music studio. The mutual friend wasn’t someone we really enjoyed spending time with and I’m not sure if that had to do with the lack of dialogue we had that day or if we were just not all that interested, but I don’t recall learning a whole lot more about him that day either.

Within a week or so we ran into each other in a crosswalk downtown. We walked together and chatted it up. We got BBQ sandwiches from Longhorn BBQ in Pioneer Square and went our separate ways.

Another week later, my friend and I went to Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center. We ran into Chris at one of the entrances. We were all planning on spending the day at the festival so we decided to hang out together. We saw a few shows and rode on the rides. At this point we exchanged phone numbers and were sure we’d hang again soon.

I doubt more than a couple days passed and we started hanging out very frequently. My friend and I worked downtown at Hotel 1000 and lived just up the street at Harbor Steps. Chris was attending Seattle Pacific University, working a few jobs around town and living on Queen Anne. It was easy for us to cross paths on a regular basis. We’d go to jazz clubs, out to watch sports, or just hang for dinner. We went to a lot of concerts and smaller local gigs. But it should be noted that not all of these events were planned. We continued to just run into each other very often.

During October of 2006 a couple weeks passed and we didn’t see each other. I’m not really sure why… And then on the Third Thursday of October my friend and I were heading to Paragon on Queen Anne. As we rode the bus up the hill I realized I didn’t have my phone with me and was bummed because I was supposed to call my cousin Megan that night to talk about goalkeeping and we were going to be in Chris’ neighborhood and he’d dig the band that was playing that night.

We were at Paragon for probably 20 minutes ordering drinks and waiting for the band to get set-up when Chris and a friend of his walked through the door. I was stunned. We chatted it up for a while, listened to the band play and Chris left after an hour or so. My friend and I stepped outside during the band’s break. We talked as only girlfriends can about what the heck was happening. I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly looking for a partner at that time, but I knew that if I didn’t act, I might lose the best thing who was standing right in front of me. I was a little bit afraid of the potential. I couldn’t think of a reason Chris and I wouldn’t work. I usually had one of those reasons in my back pocket going into a relationship. Not this time.

I picked up the phone the next day and gave him a call. Chris and I have only been apart a handful of days since that Third Thursday of October in 2006.

Picture taken in December of 2006


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