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The quest for the best waffles in town

I got Chris a waffle iron for Winter Solstice and it’s been one of the most highly used kitchen tools all year. I’ve fiddled with the recipe a little every time and here’s the best of what I’ve come up with.

Buttermilk Waffles
Recipe from the Good Housekeeping Cookbook
1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
4 tbsp melted butter
1 egg
2 cups buttermilk

Maple Waffles
Use the buttermilk recipe except
substitute the 2 cups of buttermilk for:
6 oz. Brown Cow Cream Top Maple yogurt
1 cup buttermilk

Greek Waffles
Use the buttermilk recipe except
substitute the 2 cups of buttermilk for:
6 oz. Greek Gods Honey yogurt
1 cup buttermilk

Banana Waffles
Use the buttermilk recipe except
substitute the egg for:
1 mashed banana
(feel free to add a handful of macadamia nuts)

Prep: in large bowl, combine dry ingredients. whisk in wet ingredients and whisk until most the lumps are gone. using a 1/3-1/2 cup measuring cup, pour batter into waffle iron (i set mine on 4-5). cook. serve immediately. if you want to serve the family all at the same time, store the waffles in an oven on warm making sure the waffles are set directly on the grate as to not get soggy. if they’re stored too long they will dry out.

As a side note: we usually make the greek or banana waffles. we like the density of the greek waffles. if you find that they’re too dense or don’t yield enough waffles, you can add more buttermilk. additionally, you don’t need to use buttermilk if you’re using yogurt (you can use whole milk) – we just like them the best with buttermilk.

And here’s a sneak peek on my latest knitting project. It’s the Oriental Lily dress for Elle boogie. A friend of mine through Ravelry knit one for her and I loved it so much I had to knit one for her myself. I’ll spill more details when it’s done blocking.



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What’s happening in Project-land

I’m seaming a blanket so many generous women have helped to make. It will be delivered to the family later this month with more details posted after it has been received.

I’ve knit a gauge swatch for my hooray cardigan. Unfortunately that’s as far as I’ve gotten, but once I’m done with the blanket, it will be the next thing on the needles.

We’ve been reading and reading and reading. About foraging, the pacific northwest, childbirth, being a birth partner, etc.

And I got a stack of cotton knit fabric for kids clothes. I’m so excited to get working with these. I haven’t sewn with knits yet, but I’m not too intimidated.


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Picture Heavy

Here’s what’s been happening around these parts {in pictures}…

Elle is almost 4 months

Miles has been helping us clean

Chris & Miles made it to frozen Lena Lake

It was cold, but they had fun

It was my b-day and I got yarn for my Hooray Cardigan

I'm working on warm pants for Elle

I'm loving this sweater for Miles, but think it might be too short/wide. We'll see.

Syd celebrated her b-day at Kidimu

She was Dr. King for a good portion of the time

Miles had fun too

Thanks Shaylee & Lindsey for coming!

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We Four Kings has been neglected!

But with good reason… sick sick babies. {Knock on wood} It’s not often that this house gets a big bug going through it, but that’s what has happened these past couple of weeks. Started with Elle, hit me, then back to Elle and now Miles. Growing up as an only child does not prepare you for the piles of laundry that come out of a sick family’s home. Wow. It’s a rare occasion that I’m so grateful for things like power and washing machines and the like. I like to believe we’d do just fine without all those amenities, but this is one of the occasions that I say “thank you washing machine”. I can’t imagine washing all this laundry by hand. Blech.

On the bright side, we had two birthdays to celebrate. Sydney is now a big 6 year old and I celebrated my 26th. Good good ages to be. Syd is reading up a storm so she got a stack of books for her b-day. Along with all sorts of other great girly things thanks to G-ma :) I got some yarn, long johns and books to study for my Doula conference.

And that brings me to what else is happening around these parts… I’m studying to be a Doula! A Do-what? A Doula. ‘Doula’ is an Ancient Greek term for female slave. (Hmmm… that doesn’t sound so good) A Doula is a labor support person. A woman providing physical and emotional support to a woman leading up to and during her labor and delivery. I’ve signed up for an intensive workshop at the end of March and will be doing a lot of studying leading up to that workshop. I’ll keep you all posted on my labor support endeavors.

Miss Elle has pretty bad eczema and I will begin an elimination diet tomorrow. The first thing on my list to eliminate is dairy. So as of tomorrow morning, I will live dairy free. This scares me. Mostly because of the cheese. But I can do it! If you have any suggestions for a dairy free diet, please send them my way.

I promise to update with pictures and projects this week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, enjoyed the superbowl and snuggled with your loved ones.


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Catching Up

It’s been a little quiet over here because I’ve been fighting the crud. But it’s heading towards the end of its course so I can catch you up on what’s been happening in the King house.

On Projects: I cast on a pair of Wonderpants for Miss Elle. She needs some warm longies to wear in the Beco. I’m going to knit them extra long with a cuff at the bottom that I can button up when I take her out of the carrier. I find that pants hike up a bit when they’re in the carrier and I always want them to be extra long. The only other thing she needs is some mitts so that will happen with some leftover yarn.

I’m also finishing up Kinsale for Miles. I had some extra brown Malabrigo in the stash and it was calling his name. I’m adding a couple orange stripes because I’m not sure I have enough brown to finish it up. I hate knitting sleeves though so it’s on the back burner to the pants for Elle.

On Food: I made some awesome seafood chowder last week. We had steamed clams two nights in a row and I strained the excess broth to keep for the chowder. It was perfect. I used small scallops, shrimp, leftover clams and black cod. Seriously. Awesome. Chowder. So the next time you steam clams at home and don’t use all the broth, strain it and use it… good stuff.

On fun: We had a busy weekend… The kids went on a hike with Papa in the Quilcene area and had a great time. They didn’t take the camera so I don’t have any snapshots, but we’ll get out again soon. We met up with a couple friends and their 5 month old baby at Sawatdy for dinner Saturday. It was great catching up with them and I see a camping trip in our near future. Sunday we went to the Woodland Park Zoo with some friends. It was Miles’ first time at the zoo and he really seemed to enjoy it. It was nap time, but Chris carried him on his back and he did really well there. We will have to visit again soon so we can fill in the gaps. Syd didn’t get to see all the bugs – funny girl. And I believe there is a small petting area that we missed as well.

And a silly thing I learned: There should only be one space after a period. This is a very hard habit to break. But I’m working on it. One small change at a time.


This is how Miles plays and loves on Elle. I’m glad he’s sharing now… it might not come so easy when she starts taking his toys.

She found her hand.


Watching the ‘dancing’ elephant.


Playing at the zoo with friends.


Lovin on my babies.


Miles’ addition to his plate of toast.

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