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~ This Moment ~

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.


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What happens when…

you leave your husband with the kids for four days?

He goes and gets himself a “Modern Father of the Month” award.

Now, I didn’t need another blogger to tell me that he’s awesome, but I do think it’s kind of cute that he was spotted having such a good time with the kids at the grocery store while I was in my last day of class.

And speaking of that class. The phenomenal Carrie Kenner taught a four day Doula Immersion at the Poplar Heights Birth Center this past weekend. I met 11 other local women in the workshop. There were a few professionals in the class along with a few women who haven’t birthed their own children yet, but who have a passion for the empowerment of women. I was humbled to see this level of diversity in such a small group. I’m still absorbing what I learned over the weekend and am jittering with excitement to continue on my journey in the birth community.


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Digging up family history

My grandmother, who is 90 years old, was moved to the Alzheimer’s floor of her old folks home last week. She took a good fall and isn’t able to walk. She has been struggling with Alzheimer’s for years, but the spill really took it to another level. Due to the move she downsized from a one bedroom apartment to a studio with limited space. My parents and I went through her belongings this past weekend to organize what to send to my Aunt and Uncle and what to keep here. In going through her things I learned quite a bit about my family history. Two of  my great-great grandparents on my Father’s side were born in Norway and two in Sweden. My great-grandmother was the 2nd of four children. Her family moved from Norway to Washington on the 22nd of November in 1887 when she was 12 years old. Four years later, in the Spring, they rowed to Ballard, Seattle to have a family picture taken. It’s amazing finding these old family photos. I will admit though, it makes it a lot easier to determine who they’re of when there are notes on the back.

My grandmother has always been extremely talented. She played a handful of sports in her youth. She bowled and square danced until she was about 80 years old I suppose. She draws, paints, carves, embroiders, knits, you name it. I remember having sweatshirts with Minnie Mouse painted on them and a Barbie furniture set she must have spent over a hundred hours making. There’s a ship she embroidered that I love dearly. Every time I’d visit her, even in her later stages of Alzheimer’s, we’d talk about the techniques she used to embroider the ship. She was very proud of that ship, but always complained about the french knots that comprise the tops of the waves. I empathize… french knots aren’t exactly my favorite embroidery technique either.

My grandmother grew up on the Hood Canal and spent a lot of time drawing. She continued drawing into adulthood, mostly people. You can see her aging through her drawings as the detail diminished. One of my favorites is a series she drew of my Dad when he was a young child. It reminds me of a series of photos of herself even though they were all taken at the same age. A very precious and rare drawing is of my father and his parents. I hope my Dad has an opportunity to frame that one.

It can be sad to see your loved ones age and go through Alzheimer’s, but I have such vivid and fond memories of my grandmother. I’m happy to have such tangible memories of those times.

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Happy Five Months Miss Elle


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Foraging with kids: Part I

I posted about receiving our new foraging book last Sunday. We decided to put it to use this weekend. It was important for us to get the kids involved with identifying plant life native to our region. So we set out with a plan: collect plants, mainly leaves; return home with our collection and flip through our books to identify the plants; make rubbings with the leaves. Our plan was a great success. We took a quick trip to Gazzam Lake on Bainbridge Island and walked around for a bit. Our focus was on collecting individual hearty leaves and seeing if we could find any berries. Chris brought his backpack and we put most of our collection in there, Syd carried a few things in her pocket, {I see a project for foraging bags in my near future} Miles carried his walking stick and I carried Elle. We were quickly approaching lunch time so our trip wasn’t too long. When we returned home {and after lunch of course} we played ‘Sid the Science Kid’ and laid out our plants, opened our books and identified. We picked up some stinging nettle, ivy, holly, etc. We then commenced to coloring. We have little rock crayons that worked great for this project. We laid out the leaves, back side up, placed a piece of white copy paper on top and rubbed the crayon across the plant until we had good looking plant rubbings.

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What happens when…

mom plays with Legos?

You get a Lego Duplo family – King style.
{clockwise from top left: Papa, Mama, Miles, Elle, Sydney}

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Sibling Love

Good morning Sunday.

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