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The rainbow of baby poop

It’s a bit of a joke that as a parent you will see every color of poop in a diaper. With that said, it can be concerning if you don’t know the cause of such colors and if they’re normal or if you should call the doc. I hope this list can help you distinguish what is regular and what is not.

Red: Either ate red beets and all is well or has blood in the stool in which case you should call the doc.

Orange: Totally normal color for baby and toddler poop.

Yellow: Also a very normal color. Breastfed poop will generally look like seedy mustard.

Green: Pretty normal poop color. A breastfed baby could be getting a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. You can read more about that at kellymom.com. Nothing to worry about.

Blue: Your baby probably ate a handful of blueberries. (Their pee is probably neon too and they might be bouncing off the walls)

Purple: Pretty rare to have purple poo, but it has been reported after having eaten bananas.

Brown: Congratulations, your baby is eating solids. As we all know, brown is a very normal color of poo.

Black: A newborn’s poop is called meconium and is black and tarry. You should expect this kind of poop for the first few days of you baby’s life. If your baby is past this phase and has a black and tarry poop, there could be a problem and you should call the doc.

Iron fortified formula or iron supplements can also cause a baby’s poop to be black-ish. As long as your baby isn’t constipated from the iron, this shouldn’t be an issue.

White: Could indicate a liver issue or be a tint from drinking cow’s milk. Good time to call the doc.



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