Thanks Martha: Pizza!

After browsing Martha Stewart Living July 2011, I decided it was time to have a successful evening of homemade pizza. For some reason every time I go to make my own pizza I have either a major fail food-wise or a major fail budget-wise. I had a good feeling about a positive outcome this time around. Easy thin crust + fresh toppings + big flavor + local ingredients = nom.

First up was a caramelized peach, prosciutto and basil and the second was Uli’s hot italian sausage, mushroom and onion.

I ran out of propane for the grill mid-way through. Thankfully I had the Cuisinart grill as a backup. No grill could have turned this pizza night into an epic fail, but it only slowed us down a short bit.

For the peach pie, the pizza dough was grilled then baked with mozzarella then the fresh toppings added. For the sausage pie, the pizza dough was grilled, the toppings sauteed then added to the crust with mozzarella and baked. I would add marinara to the sausage pie next time around as it slipped my mind for this one. All in all they turned out fantastic and we have plenty of ingredients and leftover dough for tomorrow night!




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2 responses to “Thanks Martha: Pizza!

  1. They look delish and I so wish I had been your dinner guest tonight, or any night I think.

  2. G-Pa

    Uli’s hot sausage would scare me. I had one of his Brats at a car show in Bremerton and it was too hot for me to eat. Otherwise your pizzas look really yummy.