Bloedel Reserve wanderings

April 16th was quite the day around town… Native plant sale at Bloedel Reserve, Earth Day celebrations at Town and Country, Art Sale at Woodward Middle School, Earth Day celebrations at the Sculpture Park and the list goes on. I remember the days when I would cram a whole list of events into one day, but when you have three little ones with alternating nap schedules and upwards of 5 meals a day, you find that creating a reasonable social schedule bodes well for everyone involved. We picked the Bloedel Reserve today. It’s been on our ‘Must Visit’ list for all too long and today’s plant sale gave us a great excuse to check it out. We strolled through the bird reserve, Japanese garden, reflective pond and orchard for about an hour and a half. It was a wonderfully relaxing Saturday afternoon and a great way to ring in Earth Day.

P.S. April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to share with you Sydney’s favorite poem. It’s written by Jack Prelutsky, a children’s poet laureate, and is found in the book “My Dog May Be A Genius”.

Sandwich Stan

I’m Sandwich Stan, the sandwich man,
and in my sandwich shop,
I make amazing sandwiches,
impossible to top.
To show you why my patrons are enthralled by every bite,
I offer here a sampling
that will tempt your appetite.

Almond Apple Alligator
Barracuda Baked in Brine
Scrambled Bugs From The Equator
Knitting Needle Knotty Pine
Cream of Calamari Candle
Badger Belly Boiled in Bile
Salted Salamander Sandal
Rutabaga Roofing Tile
Philodendron Pheasant Feather
Turtle Tendon Tuna Tails
Lichen Lemon Lizard Leather
Scalded Armadillo Scales
Cricket Caterpillar Crayon
Mantis Mango Maggot Mold
Rancid Radish Wrapped in Rayon
Sparrow Marrow Marigold
Beetle Beet Banana Blubber
Chigger Cheese Chinchilla Chalk
Rhododendron Rotten Rubber
Crispy Gristle Thistle Stalk
Ants and Cantaloupe With Noodles
Ferret Fat in Mossy Much
Pickled Pelts of Pugs and Poodles
Jalapeno Hockey Puck

At my singular establishment
my customers adore
the sandwiches I fashion
and keep clamoring for more.
So hurry to my sandwich shop
if you’re a sandwich fan.
You won’t be disappointed here…
my name is Sandwich Stan.


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