What happens when…

you leave your husband with the kids for four days?

He goes and gets himself a “Modern Father of the Month” award.

Now, I didn’t need another blogger to tell me that he’s awesome, but I do think it’s kind of cute that he was spotted having such a good time with the kids at the grocery store while I was in my last day of class.

And speaking of that class. The phenomenal Carrie Kenner taught a four day Doula Immersion at the Poplar Heights Birth Center this past weekend. I met 11 other local women in the workshop. There were a few professionals in the class along with a few women who haven’t birthed their own children yet, but who have a passion for the empowerment of women. I was humbled to see this level of diversity in such a small group. I’m still absorbing what I learned over the weekend and am jittering with excitement to continue on my journey in the birth community.



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2 responses to “What happens when…

  1. fobmama

    No way! Chris went & got himself that honor! That is sooooooooo awesome!

  2. A well deserved award! What a Dad!