Bracketology Toddler Style

Ah yes, the madness has begun. March madness that is. In my Summer 2009 Mom’s group (the best Mom’s group ever) we have a tournament challenge happening. The catch is that our toddlers have to pick the teams. One used the Magna Doodle and pictures of the mascots, another used different colored highlighters and we went with numbers and letters on the Aqua Doodle. I’ll admit it’s, by far, the worst bracket I have ever completed. We have Ohio St. losing in the first round and Butler winning it all. {Yeah, I’m sure an 8 seed is going to win the NCAA championship game} But, it will be fun to see if Miles landed any of the upsets.


I also decided that I needed a nursing necklace. STAT. Elle has been wrestling my bra, shirt, skin, etc. to death while nursing lately. So I dug into my bead stash and made this one up. It’s definitely not a permanent solution. I would like something I’m not concerned about her chewing on and I don’t know the origin of all the beads on this, but it will hopefully be a positive distraction and provide something, other than me, for her to grab onto.



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5 responses to “Bracketology Toddler Style

  1. I love the distraction piece. Who would have thought of a necklace. Oh… well since our Zoe love to pull on mine I suppose it is a really smart move. Just keep it out of her mouth… love the clever bracket tool as well. You are so so imaginative.

  2. I see a lot of low numbers in the final four! He did a good job! Ian picked a 12th and 15th seed to be in the final four. Hmmm. Not likely.

  3. March madness all right :-) It looks like they will grow up to be basketball fans!

  4. Jay

    ^ they make really beautiful necklaces that you don’ have to worry about being chewed