Foraging with kids: Part I

I posted about receiving our new foraging book last Sunday. We decided to put it to use this weekend. It was important for us to get the kids involved with identifying plant life native to our region. So we set out with a plan: collect plants, mainly leaves; return home with our collection and flip through our books to identify the plants; make rubbings with the leaves. Our plan was a great success. We took a quick trip to Gazzam Lake on Bainbridge Island and walked around for a bit. Our focus was on collecting individual hearty leaves and seeing if we could find any berries. Chris brought his backpack and we put most of our collection in there, Syd carried a few things in her pocket, {I see a project for foraging bags in my near future} Miles carried his walking stick and I carried Elle. We were quickly approaching lunch time so our trip wasn’t too long. When we returned home {and after lunch of course} we played ‘Sid the Science Kid’ and laid out our plants, opened our books and identified. We picked up some stinging nettle, ivy, holly, etc. We then commenced to coloring. We have little rock crayons that worked great for this project. We laid out the leaves, back side up, placed a piece of white copy paper on top and rubbed the crayon across the plant until we had good looking plant rubbings.


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