“Papa, how do worms have babies?” – Let’s Google It.

Ah yes… the questions our kids ask us. There are few things better than exploring the world with your children. And now we’re lucky enough to have the world wide web at our fingertips. So when your kid asks how worms have babies or what an atom looks like or where Timbuktu is, you can give them a real answer based on facts instead of a big fat “I don’t know” or some myth you heard.

Sydney comes over with a laundry list of questions and while we may have answers to most of them, we certainly don’t know everything. When she hears a response of “I’m not sure”, she instantly replies “Let’s Google it!”. Lots of times she wants to see where a place is. We have zoomed in on villages in Africa, cities in Australia and our own homes. Sometimes she expects to be able to see herself in our house. This is just six year old hope. Someday she’ll understand the limitations of Google.

Miles loves watching steam engine trains on youtube, his favorite Jason Mraz song ‘Outdoors’ or The Wheels on the Bus. He also likes looking at pictures of insects, zoo animals and family. Skype is a pretty awesome feature for a toddler too. How cool to be able to talk with G-ma and play peek-a-boo with her from home.

I look forward to the littlest ones growing up and being able to explore the world through their (& our) fingertips.
What fun questions have yours asked you lately?


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  1. Our Mia could work the mouse by the time she was 2 and she is a computer hound… her favorite site is starfall.. you should pull it up. Great for teaching kids to read, math etc., and they love it. Mia is 3 and is reading words off of it… clicking on the word when asked where “the ” is or many other words for that matter. You will have to let me know if you have heard of it or if you have not, check it out and tell all what you think.

    Also this site as truely amazing. http://www.wolframalpha.com/, ask it anything.