Allergen Related Dieting

I had posted about starting a Pescatarian diet this year. It was going very well until I had to make some major changes to my diet to try and figure out what was causing Elle’s eczema. First I cut out dairy, then I cut out soy, then I cut out both. And guess what… it’s improving. This means I have eliminated both dairy and soy from my diet completely. Yippee! Um… no. As I mentioned before, I’m a breastfeeding mama and calories are important to my diet. I know women have been vegan and breastfeeding, but I’m not here for that. So I’m warmly welcoming a variety of meats back into my diet for the time being. I still prefer fish to other meats, but if I need calories and there’s some bacon, duck, or short ribs available – I’m probably going to eat it up. Please forgive me for bowing out of my pescatarian challenge. I’ll be back.

In the meantime, I’ll share what it is like to live a dairy and soy free life. So far it’s – hard. Thankfully I’m enjoying the challenge and am really enjoying the improvements in Elle’s skin. Yes, I must read every label and I should avoid eating out, but I have an opportunity to learn new ways of making my favorite meals and what substitutes are available to me.

Have I mentioned before that I LOVE ICE CREAM?!? Oh boy do I. Thanks Mom :) I needed a dairy and soy free replacement stat. I found Coconut Bliss Ice Cream yesterday. Thank you Luna and Larry! Your ice cream rocks my soy and dairy free world! If you don’t like coconut, don’t try it… you won’t like it. But if you do like coconut, try any of the flavors that stand out to you and I’m sure your tastebuds will be pleased. I went for chocolate as I just couldn’t resist. It’s creamy and yummy and totally satisfying. And while I believe I’m now on a mission to make my own coconut milk ice cream since I have a shiny new ice cream maker waiting for me to hang out with, Luna and Larry will be my friends until I perfect my own.

Olive oil has replaced any butter or vegetable oil usage which is great for heart health, but one needs butter from time to time. So next up is breast milk butter. I haven’t put it to the test, but from what I understand all you need is a couple ounces of breast milk and a clean jar. Shake it vigorously until you have butter. Sounds good to me! I’ll update you after I experiment with this myself.

The one thing I am missing that I can’t seem to find a replacement for is cheese on pizza and bleu cheese with fig spread and crackers. If you have any grand ideas on how to solve these problems, please let me know. For now, I’ve gone back to chips and salsa for my mid-day snack. I guess I can’t complain too much about that.

If you or your family suffer from food related allergies, I’d love to hear from you. All of this is very new to me and it’s pretty incredible the lengths folks go to to ensure good health.



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6 responses to “Allergen Related Dieting

  1. I am no expert on any of this stuff… but I did read somewhere recently about the advantages to using Coconut oil. Maybe find some to alternate with ovoo… I know it is suppose to be better for you then ovoo and maybe the flavor will be an added bonus. I thus far have not found any to purchase. I am on a quest this week end though. Let me know if you find it yourself and find it yummy. Thanks for the ice cream or non coconut cream note… I too like (love) ice cream, but it kills me and I indulge some and pay later. Sometimes it is just worth it.

  2. Crystal Johnston

    I personally don’t have any food allergies but my cousin has had to eat a dairy-free, gluten-free diet because of health issues and I’m telling you, she made me this fantastic pizza using a dairy-free cheese brand called Daiya. The mozzarella actually melted like normal cheese, which impressed me. I know she got it at Whole Foods (because she lives near a Whole Foods), but I’m sure you could find it at Central Market. Here’s their website if you want to check out all they offer:

  3. G-Pa

    I’m so glad to hear that Elle’s skin is getting better. Figuring out what causes those kinds of things can be really tough to do. Also keep the pictures coming. They’re great.

  4. I’ll agree with Crystal on the Daiya dairy-free cheese. It’s pretty good stuff! There are other brands of vegan cheese, but I haven’t tried them yet. They’re hard to come by in this Dairy State of Wisconsin. :-)

    • Ah yes, Wisconsin… I bet they’re not big on vegan cheese! I’ll be on the lookout this weekend for Daiya. Thanks for the suggestion ladies!

  5. I just ordered this cookbook ( on the recommendation of a photographer friend. We don’t have any food allergies, but the recipes in this book look amazing (and the pictures that my friend keeps posting to facebook look delicious). It’s definitely worth checking out! I’m also a big fan of the Clean Eating magazine and they have dairy free recipes. I’m assuming you are using coconut milk in place of dairy?