What’s wrong with Birkenstocks?

bohemian. hippie. birkenstock wearing. tree hugger. granola. crunchy. naturalist. environmentalist. flower child. artist. yuppie. liberal.

These are labels I hear a lot. Some I’ve been called all my life, others are just related in some way. My mom has called me her flower child for many years, a term I’ve come to endear. I find myself enjoying what some would call a more simple life. What I find it to be is a want to learn and know where things come from, how they are in their most organic state and what people have done with them since their birth. Take a loaf of bread for example. How many of you go to the store and buy a loaf of bread without any thought as to how that loaf of bread came to be? Would you even know where to start to make your own loaf of bread? Have you ever smelled fresh bread baking in your home? When I consume a piece of bread, I can’t help but to think of its origin and what it smelled like coming out of the oven, what the crunch of the crust sounded like when the baker gave it it’s first squeeze. Where did the wheat come from? Maybe it was a local wheat grower. All this curiosity continually leads me to heading back to the root of things. From baking bread to learning to spin yarn. You know you can make your own chocolate and graham crackers and marshmallows. Now how’s that for s’mores?

I was wearing my Birkenstocks the other day and was reminded of the label people from Bainbridge Island were given growing up. Birkenstock-wearing, granola liberals. I have to chuckle at all these labels. And I don’t really mind being called them from time to time because let’s face it, I’m a Birkenstock, baby wearing, breastfeeding, bread baking, veggie growing, tree hugging liberal.

In other stereotype/labeling news… What’s wrong with being called a foodie? Or beer/wine connoisseur? And why do people automatically think these people are going to be snobs? What’s the problem with having a good knowledge about the food and drinks you consume? There’s a difference between only wanting to consume the best of the best without having any interest about the origin of such best and wanting to learn the science, history and methods of creating the worst, best and everything in between. The latter helps define the foodie. The former could be called a gourmet or really just a snob. You don’t have to live up to expectations like only shopping at farmers markets or knowing the plant origin of every spice in the Indian food section to be considered a foodie. But you might be on your way to these things. Congratulations if you are.

The next time someone calls you granola or foodie – take it as a complement and go back to enjoying the exploration of learning where things come from. There isn’t much more to life than fully absorbing that which you love.



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5 responses to “What’s wrong with Birkenstocks?

  1. Khajha

    well put, my friend!

  2. I like how you think… and yes some find these labels offensive, but not I… I have alwasy walked down a different path, and like it that way. You are one of my favorite granola crunching, veggie growing, foodies ever. This is so well written as well so maybe you are a wordsmith as well.

  3. TraceCub

    I’ve always wondered what’s wrong with the Birks I wear. ;) Nice Post!

  4. Mom

    Your thirst for knowledge never ceases to amaze me. You go girl, your Mama loves you – xoxo

  5. G-Pa

    I love you, my baby girl. You were always the girl with the artsey heart and the scientific mind. I just kind of makes sense you ended up like you are. You are truly a force of nature. Rock this life, it’s a one lap race. Dad