Winter: Hibernation for some, Hiking for others

This Winter has felt busy. But it’s been the perfect amount of busy. Busy learning, growing, exploring and planning. All while keeping up with general family stuff like feeding babies, washing clothes and crafting. We’re really coming into a good rhythm. Our one challenge on the list that will help free up some Mama time is getting Elle to drink from a bottle. I’ll admit, we haven’t been as proactive about this as we probably should have been, but after the endless hours spent at the pump providing milk for Miles, I’m enjoying the time spent breastfeeding my baby and not that machine. But it’s time for me to have the ability to leave the house to exercise and attend births, etc. So hopefully we can make our way through this challenge soon.

The girls have been hibernating this Winter. The cold and wind is too much for Elle’s little self to handle. Thankfully the hibernation allows for lots of studying and good face time with my adorable little girl who is quite the chatty one. She has decided that blowing bubbles and grabbing my face is serious fun.

Our hibernation has also included time planning our garden space. We’re anxious to get our hands in the dirt. In the meantime we’ve been reading up and perusing seed distributors. Some of you may be planning your gardens about now. Might I suggest the Seattle Tilth’s Maritime Northwest Garden Guide? It is seriously worth it’s weight in gold. While researching what seeds we’d like to get planted I stumbled into Filaree Garlic Farm. They’re an organic garlic farm located in Okanogan, WA who serves organic gardeners like us! They’re local and have some beautiful strains of garlic. Worth checking out.

The boys on the other hand have been getting their hike on. They’ve continued their frequent hikes in the Quilcene area and added a recent trip to the ocean. On their ocean trip they saw a few deer, a herd of elk and eagles mating. It’s always a lively time at the ocean. I’m looking forward to the spring wildflowers. Hopefully it will be just warm enough to get miss Elle out for a long hike. We’re going to need to find and take pictures of the Chocolate Lily this year.

Quilcene area river

Miles collecting forest stuff

The good green moss

Miles and Papa on their way to the ocean

The good red moss

Right side of the beach

Left side of the beach

Staying hydrated at the beach

I spy two deer

The eagles were mating, but we won't post pictures of that today

Bye bye deer


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  1. Tomitka Crow

    Quilcene.. Thats a place I haven’t checked out yet. Looks like a good time. I am heading to the ocean this weekend- let me know if you want to jump in on some clamming and/or camping.