We Four Kings has been neglected!

But with good reason… sick sick babies. {Knock on wood} It’s not often that this house gets a big bug going through it, but that’s what has happened these past couple of weeks. Started with Elle, hit me, then back to Elle and now Miles. Growing up as an only child does not prepare you for the piles of laundry that come out of a sick family’s home. Wow. It’s a rare occasion that I’m so grateful for things like power and washing machines and the like. I like to believe we’d do just fine without all those amenities, but this is one of the occasions that I say “thank you washing machine”. I can’t imagine washing all this laundry by hand. Blech.

On the bright side, we had two birthdays to celebrate. Sydney is now a big 6 year old and I celebrated my 26th. Good good ages to be. Syd is reading up a storm so she got a stack of books for her b-day. Along with all sorts of other great girly things thanks to G-ma :) I got some yarn, long johns and books to study for my Doula conference.

And that brings me to what else is happening around these parts… I’m studying to be a Doula! A Do-what? A Doula. ‘Doula’ is an Ancient Greek term for female slave. (Hmmm… that doesn’t sound so good) A Doula is a labor support person. A woman providing physical and emotional support to a woman leading up to and during her labor and delivery. I’ve signed up for an intensive workshop at the end of March and will be doing a lot of studying leading up to that workshop. I’ll keep you all posted on my labor support endeavors.

Miss Elle has pretty bad eczema and I will begin an elimination diet tomorrow. The first thing on my list to eliminate is dairy. So as of tomorrow morning, I will live dairy free. This scares me. Mostly because of the cheese. But I can do it! If you have any suggestions for a dairy free diet, please send them my way.

I promise to update with pictures and projects this week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, enjoyed the superbowl and snuggled with your loved ones.


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2 responses to “Whew!

  1. Oh Ms. Laura, we too suffered that cold. Mia started us off, and it continued on to me, then Zoe, then Momma got it and now her Papa has it too.. Mia, Grammy and Momma are all still coughing our fool heads off. Oh and she shared with her Auntie Carlita and she got pniemonia… or however you spell that. Very sick auntie. And yes the washing machine is our friend with sick babies.

    Glad are are recovering and I am so excited to hear more about your Doula adventures. Very cool…


  2. Deb K.

    Hi Laura….What fun things you all have been up to, excluding the sick-fest you are now escaping! Here is a website on dairy-free cheese, cuz I can only imagine how hard it will be to drop that tasty item. Can’t say I’ve tried it myself, but if Oprah can eat it…..enough said! LOL! Actually, I was reading about it and thought I’d just send it along for your reading pleasure. http://www.daiyafoods.com/