Catching Up

It’s been a little quiet over here because I’ve been fighting the crud. But it’s heading towards the end of its course so I can catch you up on what’s been happening in the King house.

On Projects: I cast on a pair of Wonderpants for Miss Elle. She needs some warm longies to wear in the Beco. I’m going to knit them extra long with a cuff at the bottom that I can button up when I take her out of the carrier. I find that pants hike up a bit when they’re in the carrier and I always want them to be extra long. The only other thing she needs is some mitts so that will happen with some leftover yarn.

I’m also finishing up Kinsale for Miles. I had some extra brown Malabrigo in the stash and it was calling his name. I’m adding a couple orange stripes because I’m not sure I have enough brown to finish it up. I hate knitting sleeves though so it’s on the back burner to the pants for Elle.

On Food: I made some awesome seafood chowder last week. We had steamed clams two nights in a row and I strained the excess broth to keep for the chowder. It was perfect. I used small scallops, shrimp, leftover clams and black cod. Seriously. Awesome. Chowder. So the next time you steam clams at home and don’t use all the broth, strain it and use it… good stuff.

On fun: We had a busy weekend… The kids went on a hike with Papa in the Quilcene area and had a great time. They didn’t take the camera so I don’t have any snapshots, but we’ll get out again soon. We met up with a couple friends and their 5 month old baby at Sawatdy for dinner Saturday. It was great catching up with them and I see a camping trip in our near future. Sunday we went to the Woodland Park Zoo with some friends. It was Miles’ first time at the zoo and he really seemed to enjoy it. It was nap time, but Chris carried him on his back and he did really well there. We will have to visit again soon so we can fill in the gaps. Syd didn’t get to see all the bugs – funny girl. And I believe there is a small petting area that we missed as well.

And a silly thing I learned: There should only be one space after a period. This is a very hard habit to break. But I’m working on it. One small change at a time.


This is how Miles plays and loves on Elle. I’m glad he’s sharing now… it might not come so easy when she starts taking his toys.

She found her hand.


Watching the ‘dancing’ elephant.


Playing at the zoo with friends.


Lovin on my babies.


Miles’ addition to his plate of toast.


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  1. Lori

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!Can’t wait to see more posts!