What Happens When…

you get a late start on your hike?

We went to Lena Lake today.  Well, I guess I should say we went on our way to Lena Lake today.  It was a beautiful hike and I look forward to seeing the whole of it sometime soon.  I hate interrupting toddler and baby naps, but when they take them at Noon, you’re sort of forced to make an interruption should you plan something for the day.  Today we didn’t interrupt… hence our late start.

While we didn’t get all the way to the lake, we did accomplish a couple things…  I nursed Elle in the Beco [Gemini] (Chris calls this Fast Food), we used the Kokopax for the first time and hiked about 3 miles or so.  It’s always nice getting fresh air with some exercise mixed in.  And Miles just eats it all up.

Lena Lake, we will see you soon.  And we will spend some time with you next visit.

The boys checking out the moon

{ A New Monday Tradition… “What Happens When” }



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4 responses to “What Happens When…

  1. G-Pa

    Love the pictures. Looks like fun.

  2. Valerie

    So jealous! We want Auggie to enjoy the outdoors but he is so nervous. We went on a little hike yesterday and he fell in a puddle, total meltdown. We’ll try again today. Hopefully we’ll be ready to trek with you all this spring.

  3. I bet with a little encouragement from Miles he’d be well on his way. We’d love to hike with you all!

  4. Liz

    Fun! This reminds me I need to plan some hiking trips for the near future!