Cloth Shoes

Big thanks to Stardust Shoes for your Cloth Shoes Pattern.

I made a pair of cloth shoes for Elle Thursday night.  Thursday evenings are my night to do my thing.  I usually use that time for a project that needs undivided attention or knitting group or a trip to the bookstore.  I haven’t made many things with the sewing machine so every time I do it’s an adventure.  I didn’t have too high of expectation for my first pair of shoes since I had heard your first pair may not turn out that great.  I took my time and tried to make everything as exact as possible and the results were fantastic!  The seam allowance listed is 1/4″.  I don’t think I quite met that on the toe of the shoe the first time I seamed them up so I went back and cut into them a little bit.  I really wanted shoes that fit Elle perfectly and these now do the trick.

I used a printed Kokka linen/cotton blend for the top fabric, scraps of woven cotton for the sole and a brown Robert Kaufman cotton for the lining.  I see more pairs in her future… and many for gifts as well.  Such cozy shoes for a little one.



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4 responses to “Cloth Shoes

  1. These are so cute, good job for a first try. I am impressed. Wanna make a pair for my Zoe, I will pay you. :-) let me know what you think. And how much they would be.


  2. northwestshift

    Those are absolutely fantastic! Love it!

  3. thanks ladies.

    @ barb: you don’t have to pay me. i’ll make an extra pair the next time i make one for elle. the pattern sizing is 0-6 months and i believe zoe is 6 months old. i could try and size up the pattern a bit.

  4. Mom

    Another successful adventure for my beautiful and talented daughter. I love you and you did a great job.