When the Lights Go Out

I have to say that I LOVE when the power goes out.  Longer than a few days might not be so much fun, but a day or three… sounds good to me!

The first things we do are build a fire and put our perishables in a box out on the porch (assuming it’s cold enough outside for this).  We don’t have a ton of firewood, but enough for a couple days as well as a box or two of duralogs.  Worst case scenario, we could go for a long-ish walk and pick up some wood from surrounding areas on the island.  It always surprises me when I hear of people having to throw out everything in their fridge because the power went out and yet it was only 30 or so degrees outside.  A box on the porch makes for a great fridge.

The next thing I do is put a teapot with water on top of the fireplace.  I keep it filled for the duration of the outage.  I’ll use it to drink quite a bit of hot tea, cocoa, make oatmeal, clean dishes, etc.  We have a small propane grill outside and enough cans of propane to sustain us for a while.  We use it for most of our meals… grilling meat, steaming veggies, boiling potatoes.  Just put on a wool hat and your long-john’s, get a cup of tea and grill up your food!

Indoors, we light candles (we’re due to pick up some lanterns), cozy under blankets, read books and play games.  We try to keep the toys picked up as much as possible because stepping on a Lego or sharp cornered block in the dark really sucks.  In fact, if we anticipate a power outage, picking up all the toys is one of the first things we do.  I love that the TV is forced to be off, the only phone reception is from our cell phones which we have to walk somewhere to get and the internet goes bye-bye.  Our kids enjoy uninterrupted Mama-Papa time and vice-versa.  It’s a little like camping I suppose only more luxurious.

What do you do when the power goes out?  Or when you get snowed in?



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2 responses to “When the Lights Go Out

  1. Love the idea of putting the perishables outside!

    Lighting a fire is my favorite, along with the snuggling and hot chocolate. Yum.

  2. i made marshmallows and a hot cocoa mix a few weeks ago for a gift for my mom. i have a little left and need to make some for myself. so yummy.

    the box outside worked really great for us during the last power outage. we just kept it close to the sliding glass door so we could grab things easily without losing too much heat.