Gardening Space and Paying it Forward

Some of you may remember the P-Patch plot we had in Belltown when we lived in Downtown Seattle.  We were on a waitlist for 3 years and finally got our 50 sq ft piece of land.  I was about 3 months pregnant when we found out it was our turn to nurture the land.  I knew it would be interesting trying to garden that summer when I’d be 9 months pregnant, but I had been waiting for THREE YEARS and just couldn’t pass it up.  We planted seeds and small plants and watched them grow.  And then we moved… 3 days before Miles was born in June.  So we gave up our plot right at the beginning of Summer.  Big bummer.

Well, the time has come and we’re going to have another space (or two) to garden this year.  We have found a lovely woman who has offered about 100 sq ft of land on her property for us to do our thing.  It needs some TLC, but that’s just fine with us.  And we’re on yet another waitlist for 500 sq ft at Battle Point Park Community Gardens.  I’m excited about them both for very different reasons.  The smaller land offers an opportunity to really get to know an older couple in our community, a space that won’t have many rules and will be open to our children playing without worry that they’ll walk on someone else’s strawberry plant.  And the fact that the land needs extra TLC means we’ll have the chance to get to know the soil that much more.  On the flip side, I’m excited about Battle Point because the land is bigger, there’s a community of gardeners to exchange conversations with and it happens to be our favorite and most visited park on the island.  Last but not least… I won’t be pregnant this time!!  Yay!!


I posted a status on Facebook that said:
“Pay it forward 2011. I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here. However, to be eligible, you must repost this status, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011. Ready, set, GO!”

And I accepted 6 7 requests for handmade gifts.  So I will be making a handmade gift this year for these friends:
* Sarah Garrett Vasquez
* Carrie Ann Arnold
* Sarah Burlingame
* Teresa Irene Brady Halfacre
* Robin Stewart
* Sarah Dunlop Richer
* Khajha Rogers

Each lady above is a very special person in my life. I’m very excited to make something for them. And I’m going to put a reminder on my calendar for this so it doesn’t slip off into la-la land.

If you’re inclined to do this yourself, post it on your blog!!  It’s always fun to Pay it Forward.


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  1. Glad to know I am counted among special people in your life! :)