Thawing Out

Brrrrrrrr….. It’s been oh so cold out and we’ve had the sniffles for about a week. We have a pond out back that was completely frozen over yesterday. I saw that it’s quickly thawing out today, the last of the snow is melting and the layer of frost disappearing. I’m hoping for rain towards the end of this week since we could really use some saturated air in our lungs and on our skin. Yet while it feels so barren outside, we’re full of life indoors. Miles has been pushing his new truck around the house, building trains with his legos, telling me all his new words and reading books all day long. Elle has been playing on her playmat, getting kisses galore from her big brother and talking to us during all her waking hours. I don’t think they even know it’s the middle of Winter. For a few more months we will bundle up in our wool and look forward to the abundance of Spring.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the time Winter brings to spend with one another.


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4 responses to “Thawing Out

  1. sarahloub

    Elle is getting so big!! Does she have a pause-button that she can press until I get to see you all again? And of course Miles is looking more and more like a little boy!

    • She’s definitely growing like a weed. One we’ll keep around though. She’s going to be as big as Miles in no time. Hope to see you soon Sarah!

  2. Laura, Elle is just like my Zoe, she is such a chunky monkey and awful dang cute. Those eyes are lovely. Ms. Zoe is in the 97% for weight and height…I think that she has some compitition from your cutie Elle.

    • :) Elle is also in the 97+% for both height and weight. Not a thing like my Miles. It’s fun having a baby with so many yummy rolls.