The week after…

The week after the holidays emits such a peaceful yet productive feeling.  All the crafting for gifts is done and the anticipation of recipients opening their gifts is gone.  You have a few new toys to play with and if you’re like me, those toys allow you to create just a little more.  Now the wheels start turning…  What do I want to do differently next year?  What do I want to make first?  What was our favorite part of this year and how can we do that again?  And while these wheels are turning, you know you have a whole new year to let these things happen in a smooth rhythm.

I’ll share some things on my project list for the very near future:
* Knit new hats for the whole fam
* Make Ice Cream with my new ice cream machine
* Play around with bread making…  try to make a few fresh loaves a week
* Perfect the flavoring of my homemade greek style yogurt
* Begin making felt ornaments for next year’s holiday season
* Begin acquiring home brewing supplies for yet another adventure

There are certainly many more projects on this year’s docket, but these are the ones on the front burners.  This week I’ve been relaxing and brainstorming about all the fun things I’d like to do in 2011.

A couple pics from this year’s holiday crafting:

We made spice ornaments for our home and for gifts.


We went on a hike and collected greens for decorating the house and we made cranberry-popcorn garland to enjoy inside and then share with the animals.  This will become a Solstice tradition.

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