2011 Challenge

1. Pescatarianism – A vegetarian diet with the addition of fish & dairy.
I’ve always been a veggie lover and have said it would be pretty easy for me to go vegetarian, but I’ve never put it to the test.  Being a woman and breastfeeding Mama , I think it is important for my body to get nutrients from fish as well as veggies which is why I won’t cut fish out of my diet.  I try to source my foods as local as possible and will be increasing my efforts for this along with my diet change.  Thank you Pac NW for being so abundant!

2. Document and track craft projects
To date I haven’t knit anything without a pattern and sewn anything with a pattern.  I am going to document and track my craft projects much closer so I can share any patterns I design and give notes on others I have used.

3. Go on more & longer hikes
We have two babies who love the outdoors.  I’d like to explore the Olympics more than we already have.  We haven’t done many day hikes as we usually going on weekend camping trips.  I don’t want to decrease the number of camping trips, but increase the number of day hikes.  I want the Olympics to be like our kids’ backyard.

What challenges will you take on in 2011?


Our End of 2010 Family Snapshot



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3 responses to “2011 Challenge

  1. Liz

    Oooh i love the idea of vegetarianism with the addition of fish. I did that for a year in college. I myself feel much better about eating most seafood than say cow or pigs. Probably b/c fish aren’t cute. With you on hiking! I need to do more of that myself. If you hike on the this side of the water maybe we can combine our families.

  2. It would be great to go hiking with you! We usually hike in the Olympics, but there’s some places in the Cascades we wouldn’t mind hitting as well. I’ll talk with Chris and look at some maps…

    & if you are ever interested in hiking over here, let me know.

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