7 Months Gone By…

It’s been 7 months since I’ve posted here.  I’ve wanted to visit, but needed the break.  The holiday season has re-aligned some priorities and this space has moved up on the list.  I’m going to let the regiment go by the wayside but promise to post as often as I can about whatever inspires me or makes me laugh, think, and listen.

This blog will still be referred to as ‘We Four Kings’, but I should note that we have added a fifth King to the clan.  Miss Elle graced us with her presence on 10-10-10.  She is a chatty chubby one.  We’re enjoying adjusting to our new roommate and loving the spirit she has brought into the house.

I hope you enjoy the season with friends and family and I look forward to meeting with you here again soon.

With love.


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3 responses to “7 Months Gone By…

  1. Khajha

    Yay! JUST YESTERDAY Meghan asked me if you were still blogging and I told her not since the very adorable baby contest vote post! I have missed you!

  2. :) I’ve missed you too. I’d love to do lunch sometime. I have cravings for Pabla Indian periodically… I know it gets packed their at lunchtime, but maybe we could make it happen.