February Weekend Fun – 02.07.10

Here’s a bit of a catch all post…

I have had a bit of food fun this week mostly cooking food for Miles to try. He loves yogurt. We’ve been sticking to soy or whole milk yogurt and have had great success. We’re trying to incorporate more vegetables, but he’s not much of a fan of the textures. This week we’ve been working on roasted golden beets, roasted turnips, pureed mango and avocado. I can’t say he likes any of them too much, but again… it’s a texture thing. He’ll gnaw on a banana or beet in his mesh feeder, but pureed on a spoon – not so much. We’ll keep at it. After all “food is fun till one”.

We spent some time outside on Saturday – it was such a gorgeous day! We had been to Battlepoint park before, but noticed something we hadn’t before… the salmon ladder and waterfall. It is part of the kids play area and every section is inspired by something local. This part is inspired by the Ballard Locks, one of our favorite places to visit. I realized I have no pictures of the Locks and while that does surprise me a bit, I also recognize that there’s a reason I’ve never taken a camera there. It has always been a quiet retreat for me. We’ll be sure to take some the next time we visit as we’ll need to go when all the salmon make their way through.

And of course – Superbowl Sunday. Hung out with G-ma & G-pa, ate some BBQ (YUM!), made some b-day cake and played and played and played. It was a successful Sunday at the grandparents yet again :) Love you all!


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  1. Battle Point brings back some memories…mainly of soccer. The fields look so much nicer now. I remember when they were all dirt.
    Good luck with the feeding! It is always fun to have them try new things.