Thought Provoking – 02.01.10

1. Eat locally and sustainably
2. Eat seasonally
3. Shop at farmer’s markets
4. Plant a garden
5. Conserve, compost, and recycle
6. Cook together
7. Eat together
8. Remember food is precious

I’ve been reading “The Art of Simple Food” by Alice Waters. I recommend this book to anyone with any interest in what food you eat and how it’s prepared, and any aspiring cook. The above list are rules included in Waters’ introduction to The Art of Simple Food. It’s what she lives by. I believe it’s what we should all strive for. Good ingredients have always been the main focus of my cooking. I have spent a lot of time supporting farmers markets and planted a garden last year (even though we had to leave that garden). Now I would like to focus on cooking and eating together. As the family grows, it becomes simpler to cook by myself, order something from a local restaurant, etc. and eat it as quickly as possibly in order to tend to the baby. I read a rule in Michael Pollan’s new book that said ‘take as much time eating your meal as you did to prepare it‘. While Michael Pollan’s goal isn’t as much getting people to spend more quality time together at the dinner table as it is getting people to eat reasonable amounts of food, mostly vegetables, still this rule really struck a chord with me. I truly believe that food brings people together and am going to strive to relax throughout the food gathering, preparing, and enjoying process. There is nothing better than a happy family around a table full of fresh, local, simple food.

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  1. Sara Meagher

    Hey Laura! What a funny coincidence… I just ordered this book late last week and should receive it any day. This makes me even more excited to get it and read more about her principles for food / cooking. :-) Thanks!