Shi Shi – 01.21.10

We’ll be back to the regular blog rotation tomorrow…

We went to Shi Shi beach yesterday.  It’s located just south of the most NW point of the US (Cape Flattery).  About 5 miles south down the west coast.  To get to the beach, you hike 1.7 miles through the forest.  It’s a beautiful hike although during the Fall, Winter and Spring it’s very deep mud for most of the trip.  We went a couple years ago during the Winter so we were prepared for the venture.  At the end of the 1.7 miles, you make your way down a very steep hill (aka cliff) to the beach – yeah!  There is a small clearing under the forest canopy.  This is where we pitched our tent.  And through a couple trees and over a bit of driftwood is Shi Shi in all its glory.

It makes for a wonderful camping trip, a great day hike, and the perfect place to watch the sunset.  I would warn though that if you plan on going any time other than Summer, bring good boots and waterproof pants.

The beginning of the trail

The Kings on our way

This was before it turned to mud

He is at his best when out in the forest

Papa carrying his load

Takin a snooze

Thanking our boots

Viewpoint No.1

Miles digging in the sand

Not his first time at the ocean, but possibly the first time he noticed

Papa & Baby Bear

Viewpoint No.2

Love those rocks

Enjoying the blue skies


I, um…. got my feet a bit wet on this one.  Oops.

Someone is excited to play in the car before we head home…


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  1. Linda Dupuis-Fricke

    Looks like a lot of fun! I remember Shi Shi…it’s beautiful and you captured it well…thanks for sharing…some of us miss you at work!!!
    Call me sometime! Linda