Fam Bam – 01.17.10

It was a lazy football watching weekend around the house for the Kings.  (Go Vikings!)  It had been quite the week for us with work, family things, etc.  Miles is on the move.  He’s rolling around like crazy, has been standing for quite some time and is now really trying to walk.  He pulls himself up on our pant legs, the couch, and his toys.  He has no fear and will go diving for just about anything.  He has been jabbering away making every sound known to man.  I may regret teaching how to yell, but it’s still fun for now.  We’re slowly introducing him to solids.  He’s so-so on most things, but really seems to enjoy yogurt.  It may be our medium for introducing different flavors.

The Johnson’s lost a family member this week.  We had to put down our beloved Bailey due to hip dysplasia.  She was a dear friend.  As loyal as can be.  We all have many great memories of her – too many to possibly list here.  We will miss you old girl.

Sydney’s birthday is on the 29th – 5 years old!!  We’ll be celebrating this weekend with cake, a visit to the museum and a kids kitchen (thank you tera).  I know many hours will be spent at her new kitchen cooking us sandwiches and eggs and bacon ;)

We celebrated Grandpa & Grandma’s 60th Anniversary a couple weeks ago.  What an amazing event to celebrate.  They are two wonderful people and we’re lucky to have them in our lives.


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