blog resolutions or something like that

I’ve seen many bloggers writing about their new year resolutions and many have included goals on number of times they will post in a week, what they will post about, etc. It’s true that the beginning of a year is a great time to reflect and renew. I have been feeling like I need some refreshing on the blog front. I took some time to review the past couple years of blogging and realized that in ’08, I had a pretty good thing going here. I would post poetry, city happenings, family photos, articles of interest, etc. I believe I have just gotten lazy. I have been doing a mediocre job of posting family pics, but the rest has gone by the wayside. My resolution is to post at minimum twice a week, idealy 3-4 times a week and to vary the interest of my posts. Hopefully I have something interesting to say and read. Hopefully you will still enjoy my blog.

Happy 2010



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2 responses to “blog resolutions or something like that

  1. Malcom Family

    You aren't lazy. You are a mama. It is time consuming. Your blog is great, but I do have to admit, I liked hearing about what was going on around the city and such.

  2. Miss Sarah

    I always enjoy your blog! I thought it was awesome when you would post about things going on locally… most of which I had NO clue about whatsoever. (I live in a cave.) And recipes, your projects… and of course lil' MoNK. Whatever direction you decide to take your posts– just make sure you're still enjoying it! If you don't enjoy it, what's the point??I'm starting to itch for a new project… which means we should get our Ladies together again! Would you like to host the next one? I know you mentioned having some not-so-portable things to work on.