The Ferry

Since we live on Bainbridge now, we have to ride the ferry twice daily to get to and from work. One might think it would suck to commute via ferry. Here are a few reasons why it in fact does not suck:

* It’s only a 1/2 hour commute
* It’s always at least moderately clean
* You can walk around
* You can go to the bathroom
* You can either sit by yourself, in a booth with friends or outside on the top deck
* You don’t have to deal with smelly, drunk, obnoxious people that you’re stuck in a cramped bus with
* You don’t have to deal with traffic
* You can eat, drink, sleep, do homework, work on your laptop, read a book, knit, walk laps around the boat, etc.
* You can even have a brew
* You can watch the sunrise and sunset, look at beautiful Mt. Rainier, the Olympics, the Cascades, the Seattle skyline, and seals on the buoys

I’ll take this commute any day.

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