The Park with the Blue Grass

Yes, kids do say the darndest things…. We told Syd we were going to the park to play yesterday afternoon and she proceeded to ask, “The park with the blue grass?” I really couldn’t put my finger on what she was talking about so I asked Chris what she meant. He thought for a second and said, “Oh… she remembers the Bluegrass Festival at Battlepoint”. We were in fact going to the park with the blue grass. The girl remembers everything and this one was just funny.

Here are some pics from playing in the backyard and at the park with the blue grass…

Lounging in the backyard

The pond

She looks like shes ready to go horseback riding

But we’re going to play in fountains instead

Hehe…. brother and sister

That’s Papa Bear

It’s a DREAM

Swings – Mama’s favorite thing

The rainbow slide

They’re mean keepers


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