New Pics and stuff

Great Aunt Dianne was in town this past week. She came to visit Miles and chat for a while. It was good to see her for her annual visit.

Chris and I are going to the Sounders v. Chelsea soccer game this Saturday. It will be our first outing without the little guy. I’m excited, but I know I’m totally going to miss his little face.

The Bite of Seattle is this weekend. We might try and make it on Sunday…. I would love to get some bites from ‘The Alley’ again. It was such a success last year and the proceeds go to Lifeline.

All is well at the King house. Hope all is well in your lives.

Miles – chillin on G-ma

Mama’s kisses for M

Hanging out in his bouncy chair

Looking at Aunt Dianne

Mama’s sleepy bear

I love those beautiful feet


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