Moving Day

Tomorrow is the big day! We’ll be Islanders! Let me just say that I cannot wait until Sunday…. kick my feet up, drink a virgin mojito, relax out by the pond. Some may say its genius to plan a move when you’re 9 months pregnant because I won’t have to “move” any of the boxes and furniture and such. You’d be wrong. Packing is no fun for pregnant ladies!! And as much as I usually love unpacking…. it doesn’t sound very enticing right now either. But, I’m really not trying to complain. I’m so very excited about the move and I know there’s an end in sight. Chris and G-pa painted the rooms last weekend. They look fantastic. I can’t wait to get some stuff up on the walls :)

Hope everyone has a good solstice weekend. If you’re going to any brewfests, have a cold one for me. I’d prefer if you could make it a nice local hoppy IPA versus any Anheuser-Busch product – thanks.


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  1. Sarah Lou

    Woohoo!! I'm not planning on going to any brewfests this weekend, but if I happen to have a beer (or any drink) it will be for you. The good thing about moving tomorrow and unpacking this weekend: the weather is supposed to be cool! Moving + pregnant + heat would not be a fun combination.