Cars, Houses and Babies – Oh My!

It’s mid-June already?!? I just wanted to give a little update and let you all know that I might be a bit absent from the blogging world for the next month or so. I will try and keep you as updated as possible, but it will probably be a bit scarce.

We get a whole new set of keys this weekend. Keys to our townhouse and keys to our (new-to-us) car. Chris and G-pa are painting the bedrooms this Saturday and moving the crib, bookcases, Sydmo’s bed, dining room table and a few other miscellaneous items into the house. Friday the 19th is our official move date, but we have so much stuff at G-ma & G-pa’s that it will be easier to move that stuff in this weekend. They’ve also gifted us an air conditioning unit! I’m so excited to have a cool room to sleep in for the last week or so of pregnancy! If Miles is anything like me, he’ll be thankful as well. Some days I think I’m crazy for having planned a baby and a move out of town all to happen in the same couple of weeks, but everyone has been so incredibly helpful and things are beginning to really fall into place. I hope this means we can try to relax with our new arrival after all the craziness passes. Before we know it, it will be Christmas ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather we’ve been having!

Much love.


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