Memorial Day Weekend….

Our weekend was filled with Folklife fun, M’s games, and lots of sun.

Folklife Rundown:

Friday night I went to Folklife by myself since Chris and Syd went to the M’s game. I caught Kelly Thibodeaux & Acoustic Etoufee (Swamp Rock Fiddle & Guitar) at the Fisher Green Stage – fantastic. I felt like I was back in Nashville for about an hour. I then popped over to the Fountain Lawn Stage and listened to Daisy Chain (Blues/Soul/Funk-hop) and Ratfish Bone (Traditional Chicago Blues). I really enjoyed Ratfish bone.

Saturday morning we all headed to the festival and listened to The Fabulous Hammers (The Original NW Sound) at the Fountain Lawn Stage and Ida Viper (Western Swing & Bluegrass) and The Downtown Mountain Boys (High Powered Bluegrass) at the Mural Amphitheatre. We cut the day a little short to ensure a good nap for Sydmo and enough time to get dinner and head to the M’s game.

Sunday morning we all went back to the festival and listened to The Board of Education (Witty, Hilarious Kids Songs) at the Fisher Green Stage, then Sarah Comer (Young Hands, Old Fiddle Tunes) – Fantastic – at Cafe Impromptu. Before Chris and Syd headed home for a nap we went to the Nordic crafts area and Syd colored a picture of a horse from Sweden. They had wooden boat tent and a mosaic tent, but we were pushing it… I stayed to listen to the Riptide Ramblers (Cajun/Zydeco/Country/Swamp-pop) – weird – at the Mural Amphitheatre.

Monday afternoon/evening Chris and I went and listened to the Imani Fellowship Choir and the Total Experience Gospel Choir at the Bagley Wright Theatre. They were absolutely fantastic. From there we went to the Mural Amphitheatre to listen to The Crucialites, Kore Ionz, The Georgetown Orbits and Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band – all part of the Roots/Revelations/Reggae show to close down the festival. Monday is always my favorite day at Folklife… there’s a lot fewer people and those who are there are usually locals. And I always look forward to the Gospel show and the Reggae show even though the folk music is fantastic all weekend long.

Here are some pics from our weekend:

Papa & Syd on their way to the M’s game Friday night

Cute kids…

She has her Griffey shirt on :) He didn’t play Friday, but she did get to see him play Saturday

Randy is on the mound!

On our way to Folklife!

The fountain

Sydmo at the Rhythm Tent with her instrument

This is Folklife…

The Needle

Papa is the best jungle gym

On their way to play in the fountain

She almost made it…. She made it all the way on Sunday

Good times

Gotta love Folklife

Syd coloring Nordic art

On our way to the M’s game Saturday night

@ The M’s game…

Another sunny day at the park


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