P-Patch on a Sunny Saturday!

After a week of solid rain, we finally made it back out to our patch Saturday afternoon. Our plot is somewhat in the shade so our basil isn’t looking too hot. Our broccoli, lettuce and nasturtiums all look great. I think it’s a little early to be checking anything else out. Tomato plants are sprouting up all over the patch. We decided not to plant any because of the shade issue. Syd had fun smelling all the herbs around the patch. She decided the lavender smells just like our soap – it does.

Belltown P-Patch

It’s in Bloom!

The fruit/veggie side of our patch

She’s really into digging. Had to find some dirt away from the plants ;)

Herbs on the right, veggies on the left.

It was a winking weekend

Early learning…

Our favorite rock plants

Leaving the patch

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