It’s May!!

May has arrived! It’s quite the month for the King family:

Tuesday Nights = Duck Dodge Sailing on Lake Union
Wednesday Nights = PsychoPATH Softball games
Thursday Nights = Knit Night
5/8 = G-Pa’s Birthday
5/9 onward = House Hunting on Bainbridge
5/10 = Mother’s Day
5/10 = Sounders Game
5/15 = Mariners Game vs. Boston Red Sox
5/16-5/17 = Seattle Cheese Festival
5/17 = Baby Shower – Seattle
5/20 = G’Ma’s Birthday
5/22 – 5/25 = Folklife Festival (volunteer 2 days)
5/23 = Mariners Game vs. NY Giants
5/30 = Baby Shower – Bremerton
5/31 = Chris’ 30th Birthday!!

This is pretty standard for May though :)

We got all our plants in the ground last night! I’ll swing by the patch this weekend to take pics of our little plot. I wish I had before and after pics. It actually looks like a garden now instead of a crazy weed filled mess. We planted broccoli, beets, lemon cucumbers, pole beans, raspberries, strawberries, nasturtiums, basil, parsley, mint, lavendar, oregano, coriander, spicy greens, gourmet greens, and one hot pepper. This is all in a 75 sq ft plot. Wish our plants luck!

Pregnancy is going great. My only complaint – still – is back pain. It’s a 24/7 thing now, nights being the worst. My morning routine is probably going to become bubble baths with breakfast in the tub. Heh. It worked this morning at least! Only 8 weeks left!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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