Prego Updates, Etc.

A little over 23 weeks and counting:

* Miles weighs about 1 lb. and is 1 foot long
* He kicks me on a daily basis. Usually after I eat and at about 9:00pm
* He also likes to do a little tap dance on my bladder.
* He was stubborn during the 20 week Ultrasound so we are having another one in 4 weeks to get better shots of his face and spine.
* My belly is continuing to grow. I’m not waddling yet, so it still makes me smile :)
* The Cystic Fibrosis test came back negative
* I have the Glucose Screening test next month – oh yay
* I’ve gained about 9-ish lbs.
* All morning sickness is gone…. very much gone
* Headaches have subsided
* Girl Scout cookies couldn’t have come at a better time
* All other info would be TMI

In other news:

I’m knitting a beret. I love wearing hats in the Spring/Summer and it only takes a skein of yarn so it’s the perfect project for a budget. It shouldn’t be too long before it’s finished so I’ll post pics then.

I’ll get back to knitting the baby leggings tonight. My fingers needed a break from those teeny needles.

I have a couple ducks to embroider on a onesie. I’m not sure what will go on the rest.

I’ve realized we need lots and lots and lots of cloth diapers. I have registered mostly for the BumGenius One-Size All-in-One’s because they will get the most use (especially by Papa, Grandparents and Daycare). I’d also like to have some gDiapers for on the go since the inserts are flushable. But I think I’d like to add prefolds to the list because they’re much less expensive and I personally have no problem working them out. This means I’ll have to knit some wool soakers to go over the prefolds. Hmmm… more projects….
Note: I know this cloth diaper talk is probably a bunch of nonsense to most of you, but it’s something I’m committing 100% to and am going to need some options.

We’re having our little wedding party on Sunday. I’m excited to celebrate with our family and friends. :)

I cannot wait till Spring!!!!!

That’s all for now.

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  1. Malcom Family

    Wow! Go you! I don’t think I would have lasted a week with the cloth diapers. Kellen pooped like 8 times a day for the first few months(not to mention all the blowouts) and he still poops like 3 times a day. I guess cloth would be the cheaper option, so good luck, hope you can keep up with the challenge.