Mid-Feb Updates

1. The embroidery is coming along GREAT! Hopefully after this weekend I’ll have pics of my first finished project.

2. The baby leggings are taking forever, but they’re at least progressing and the yarn continues to be wonderful. I forgot that knitting with tiny needles and tiny yarn makes for slow projects.

3. Tomorrow my mom, Debbie and I are going to see Memphis at the 5th Avenue Theatre. Very excited about the show.

4. Pregnancy is past the mid-way mark and I’m feeling great. Pants are a bit tight, but that’s to be expected. I think I may have felt a little tap tap yesterday at lunch, but it was so small I’m not positive. I’m sure he’ll make his presence known very soon.
Cravings: Kiwi’s and Indian Butter Chicken

5. We’re #18 on the list for the Belltown P-Patch. We’ve been on the list for over a year and a half.

That’s all for today. Hope you have a great weekend!!



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2 responses to “Mid-Feb Updates

  1. Sarah Lou

    1 & 2. You make me really want to start a project! I've done a small (SMALL) bit of embroidery before, and it's so much fun! And so many possiblities!4. WOOHOO!! I can't believe you're already half way there… 5. What's the Belltown P-Patch??I'm bummed that you weren't able to make it to dinner the other night. I was really looking forward to seeing you (and your little baby bump!) Hopefully we can figure something out… maybe a trip to the Science Center!

  2. a s h l e a

    If you want to start a garden, you can adopt mine! We have a pretty big yard and such that is being completely neglected right now, but if you want to grow some stuff, it’s absolutely yours to play with!