Back on the Needles

I finally have a new knitting project going. I’ve decided to knit some baby leggings for Miles. They’re good for layering and whatnot. Here’s the beginning:

Sarah’s comment reminded me that I didn’t mention the yarn I’m using here. It’s oh so lovely. It’s by Hazel Knits out of Seattle. It’s their artisan sock yarn in the Olympic Rainforest colorway. It has been a joy to knit with.



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3 responses to “Back on the Needles

  1. Teresa

    yeah i haven’t got so far that I can use four needles.. :) I’m still getting used to knitting so I’m all scarves…

  2. Sarah Lou

    I love the colors of that yarn!

  3. Malcom Family

    Cute! Can’t wait to see the finished product.