One Cute Birthday Girl

4th Birthday agenda:
10am Children’s Museum
1pm Lunch at the Center House
5pm Dinner at Marrakesh w/ G-ma & G-pa
7:30pm Dessert at Belltown Bistro
8:30 Smiley Face Birthday Cup[cake] at home
Leavin the house for the B-day Celebration

It’s My PARTY!

Jumping & Counting at all the crosswalks

It’s a little cold out here…

Back riding the Metro again

Grocery shopping at Metropolitan Market

All her produce

Shopping Madness

Checking out with Papa

Acting at the Theatre

She’s “At Work”

Getting a little assistance from Papa

Her big project

Had to go back and drive the bus

Fun experiments

A little sleepy on the way home

Opening presents at Marrakesh

Loving her presents from G-ma & G-pa

The belly dancer had Syd hold her scarf

& her castanets

She got good at playing these

Learning a few moves

About time for dessert


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One response to “One Cute Birthday Girl

  1. AM

    I love the pictures. Sydney is such a beautiful girl!