Busy yet casual week

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. It’s been busy at work this week and we’ve been pretty casual in the evenings.

Sydmo’s 4th birthday is on the 29th and we’re celebrating this weekend. I’m super excited to hang with the birthday girl :) I’ll post pictures after the weekend.

I’m 17 weeks today and am maybe starting to show a bit. Still fitting in my jeans, but feeling pretty full. My yoga sweats are enjoyable :) I haven’t felt the baby yet, but I know it’s right around the corner. He should be able to hear things now so I’ve been playing the piano for him. I secretly hope he will continue to enjoy the piano and maybe I’ll be able to soothe him to sleep with it once he’s born. We shall see. [knock on wood] my headaches seem to be dwindling. I can only pray it keeps on that track. Oh & I found a couple patterns to knit for him. No big projects, but I’d like to whip up some “baby legs”…. basically baby leg warmers. Laugh all you want, but they’re so great for keeping the legs warm when you go to change the babe and don’t want to take their whole romper off.

Anyway…. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I’ll definitely post pictures of our weekend’s festivities.

Much love.


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