We’re having a baby BOY!!! Miles Nicolas is a happy crazy swimmer dude. He swam around so well we could even tell he’s a boy. Our appointment went great. We have another in a month and at that time will have an hour and 15 minute Ultrasound. It will be fun to watch a movie of our baby ;) He’s as healthy as he can be at 15 weeks and has plenty of room to move around (for now).

I promised pictures and here they are:


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3 responses to “we’rehavingababyit’saboy

  1. Sarah Lou

    Joe is going to have the runner Miles, and you’ll have the swimmer Miles! I love the name!

  2. Teresa

    Miles King – sounds like someone famous ;)

  3. Knitwise Cracker

    Laura, Have been wondering about you. WOW!! Lot's of things happening, eh??? CONGRATS on both your marriage & your little one coming. Guess there should be lots of knitting for him now! I found another knitter in our building!!