Been A While

Hi All,

I’ve been away for a bit. I apologize. Many things are happening on the homefront and I’ve been resting as much as possible.

We’ve had a history making election and the city is still buzzing. I’d rather not get into a deep political conversation here, but I can say I’m very excited at the new turn our country will hopefully be able to make his coming term.

Miss Sydney has visited us the past two weekends :) We’ve spent plenty of time puddle jumping and visiting our usual city stops. There’s a glass gallery across the street that always displays wonderful art. Most recently they’ve had an exhibit of dinosaurs… Syd has been enjoying those.
Syd and I got our hair cut this past weekend at Gene Juarez. I was surprised at how “big girl” of her she was. She had a great time and of course her hair looks beautiful. I went home with curly hair, she went home with straight :) It was a wonderful weekend and we look forward to spending Thanksgiving with her.

Sarah B. has posted a few pictures from our time with her a few weeks ago. You can see them here.

Enjoy your week. I’ll try and post more often ;)

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  1. Malcom Family

    I am excited too! I’m so glad I have a friend who supports our country instead of complaining about it. Lets just say there are many voiced republicans around here. Anyway, Hope you are doing well. :)