Do you already know?

I’ve been tagged! By Sarah B. :) The goal is to tell you six things you don’t already know about me. This seems a bit difficult, but I’ll give it a go. If my mom or Chris already know these things, I hope you’ll forgive me.

1. I HATE coffee. I’m a Seattleite and I hate coffee. That sentence wouldn’t even make sense to most people, but it’s true for me. I’ve become quite fond of tea and love exploring little tea shops, especially the ones that have tastings. My current favorite blenders are Harney & Sons. A few of my favorite blends are Indian Nimbu (Darjeeling w/Lemon & Caramel), Bangkok (Green Tea w/Lemongrass, Coconut & Ginger) and Yellow and Blue (Chamomile, Lavendar and Corn Flowers).

2. If I could choose one seat to have my name on it aside from my chair at home, it would be a seat at the Chicago Symphony. I could sit at the symphony for days! I can’t even begin to put into words how good it feels to be surrounded by an entire orchestra playing classical, romantic, or jazz pieces so vibrant you can’t make the goosebumps go away.

3. I very strongly dislike money. Actually…. I hate it. It’s a curse. It excites me to dream about our future sustainable sailboat. I pray I can get as far away from needing money as humanly possible while still maintaining our health. Everything else will come….

4. I love having a great variety of friends and acquaintances. I love having those who are super close, those who are very odd, those who are old, and those who are young. I’ve found that surrounding myself with varying people keeps me on my toes and aware of all who roam this world. It keeps me aware of differing points of view and different backgrounds. It keeps theories ever changing and our thoughts of how things work ever improved. It seems that having a group of friends who are all very similar would be boring. This, coming from an only child who bounced from group to group to find that I usually have 1 close friend out of many groups and well…. I like it that way :)

5. The two collections I’d like to have throughout my life are a. books and b. musical instruments. I’ve never been one to “collect” things. I suppose when I was a child I had a small rock collection and a button/pin collection. Perhaps a couple others, but they haven’t stuck around and I haven’t started any other collections aside from books and musical instruments. What excites me the most about these collections is dreaming of what I will learn and what conversations I will have after reading those books and who I will meet and jam with while collecting those instruments. I love the connections these two things create between people and cultures.

6. I feel the Need for Speed. I blame my parents for this one. All those fun toys I grew up with :) Oh, and Dave White…. He has to take partial blame for this too. All those Tool Man references…. crazy guys. To the point: Quite often I feel the need for speed. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t own a car and haven’t for a few years, if it’s because I don’t get out on the jet ski anymore or what, but I just can’t run fast enough to curb this urge. Perhaps I should learn to snowboard or ski, but I fear what injuries could possibly come out of having this urge and coupling it with my first time on a snowboard. Perhaps I should go skydiving. Hmmm…

Now it’s my turn to “tag” some folks…. Jessie Malcolm & Teresa Halfacre, consider yourselves Tagged!



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6 responses to “Do you already know?

  1. Sarah Lou

    It seems as though tea is becoming more and more popular lately… or maybe it is just that I am more of a tea-drinker than a coffee-drinker now so I notice other tea-drinkers more. I still enjoy an occasional coconut mocha or other coffee drink, but tea is more me now. I'll have to try out some of the Harney & Sons you mentioned! (Is it loose or bagged tea?? Loose tea intimidates me, but intrigues me at the same time…)I am super excited for Sunday, too! It looks like it is supposed to be cool out, but no rain… so far. :) And I picked up a lens from my friend that I can't wait to use with you three!!

  2. Brandon Johnston

    I too like music collections. My collection consists of:BanjoMandolin4 GuitarsHammer DulcimerPianoAccordianFluteBass Guitar

  3. Malcom Family

    so, that is why you like me… you are even friends with weird people. It is all making sense now. jk… I will see if I can come up with 6 things. I’m pretty predictable.

  4. Teresa I’m supposed to come up with six things that you don’t know? or that most people don’t know, and post them? hmm…i’m pretty much an open book… :)

  5. Chris - Laura

    teresa: stuff that most people don’t know. i know, it’s hard…. i found it to be pretty hard too. but it’s fun :)

  6. vovo

    please come visit at the teacup! (& then you could mosey over to hilltop yarn -it's killing two stores in one trip!)