Weekend Update

Well, I didn’t take any pictures this weekend, but I can still fill you in….

Friday, Princess Sydney made her visit and we had a wonderful dinner at Cutter’s at the Market. She tried scallops for the first time and the the first thing she said was “It tastes like crab!” (she loves crab mind you). She even had quite a bit of a bleu cheese salad and other random tasty things. I’m glad we don’t scare her off in the food department :)

Saturday we did the Lifelong AIDS walk. It was a nasty day out, but we were well prepared. We got some serious puddle jumping in. I’ll have to take pics of our puddle jumping fun the next time she’s over….
I made a sweet trip to REI (member’s sale time!) and picked up some waterproof gear. It was about time and after our morning’s walk, I realized the time was NOW!
I battled the wind and headed to the market to pick up lots of cheese, veggies and pasta. I went home and made a huge batch of Beecher’s Mariachi Mac & Cheese…. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. mmmmm it was gooooood.

Sunday we woke up to watch the Hawks game, but I’m not sure it was really a game I was watching….
I started my lace [knitting] project…… wish me luck on this one. I only hope and pray I have the patience for the lace thing. My knitting friends are a Godsend.

I think that’s about it. Sorry no photos. I was lazy :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Before the rainy mess at the AIDS Walk

Here are some recent walking around photos…..

This was later in the day on National Park(ing) day. Seattle Tilth showed up and we planted some cilantro and parsley. Too bad our apartment gets no natural light :(

They showed us the worm compost bin. Super cool.

Sydmo walking along Benaroya. She’s a super jumper these days.

And she still has to touch all the water :) Her hands have got to be freezing.

This is all part of the routine:
Part 1: The Chase
Part 2: The Key Card Unlocking
Part 3: The Opening of More Doors
Part 4: More Chasing
Part 5: The Elevator Buttons
Part 6: The Unlocking and Opening of the last door.
She digs em all.


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