Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I’ve been….. relaxing :) Fall has come very quick and it’s my favorite season of the year. Football season is in full swing, the wind is picking up on the streets, the North Face coats are showing their faces and I’m so very happy about all these things. I’ve been knitting quite a bit lately and have picked up a new book. It’s called “Merle’s Door: Lessons From a Freethinking Dog.” It’s very enjoyable so far. I finished my mom’s scarf and have been working on a quick one for myself. Compared to the one for my mom, I’m not very happy with mine, but it will do the job and it’s a bit funky so I’m sure it will grow on me.

All of this to say we’re still here. We’re just enjoying some time indoors. I would expect some recipes soon and maybe some beer reviews :) It is Oktoberfest after all.

Hope everyone is having a good Fall so far!


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