Puget Sound Sailing

We went on a 25 mile race Saturday around the Puget Sound. It was our first time racing on saltwater and it was wonderful. I always feel at home around the smell of saltwater, the barks of the seals, the ferries rolling by. Mermaid life sure would be fun. Anyway….

I didn’t have the camera out for the race, but I got a few shots through the locks. We waited on the lake side of the locks for about 45 minutes to an hour before getting let through and while we were hanging out there, we were serenaded by the sound of splashing salmon. I’d say about two jumps every second everywhere around us. Apparently they jump to get the lice off. At any rate, being next to the fish ladder at the locks in July, August, and September proves to be quite the site. I tried getting pictures of the fish in the air, but failed. You can see some splashes in a couple pictures, but that’s about it. Looks like I need a camera upgrade….

Looking back at the lake – it was 8:00 am

See some splashes?

There’s a few more splashes out there.

Sleepy, but happy.


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