Knitting Gifts

I’ve taken a break from my entrelac scarf to work on gifts for others. I finished a basic garter stitch scarf for Chris. I’ll take pics and update this tonight or tomorrow. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. All thanks to the yarn of course. I’m now working on a super soft yummy scarf for my mom and I hope to get started on a lace stole for me here soon. But all the while, I’ve been thinking, wait! why am I working on these when I KNOW I need to be working on Christmas gifts too! Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that the scarves will help keep people warm through the fall/winter and hopefully in a couple weeks I can start working on some Christmas gifts. I think I’m going to keep the gifts pretty small and simple considering I haven’t attempted completely homemade gifts before. Between photo albums, knitted gifts, and a few unknown projects, I think I can cover everyone with a little homemade love.

Wish me luck!!


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